Translator and adaptor

AI does a pretty good job at translating nowadays, but adaptation is another story. It is subtle and demanding. I therefore devote most of my time and knowledge to turning your texts as fluid as if they had been written in French, or even in Swiss-French.

How does a text become fluid and coherent? To me, it is a question of harmony not only with the context, but also with the readership, regard for the language, sincerity, syntax and impeccable typography, inclusive language and absence of unnecessary Anglicisms.

Comes along the experience and without realising it, we mix these ingredients weather in presentations, articles, press releases, websites, speeches, packaging, comics, menus or even in songs.

Your areas are environment, sustainable transport, social and solidarity economy, organic farming, integration, renewable energies? These are also mine, at the core of my work as well as in my everyday life.

Curious and want to know more?

What a bad idea to spare on translation or proofreading! See for yourselves.