Because I have high standards in terms of quality work, it matters to me that after translation and adaptation, your texts are reread and corrected by a second pair of professional eyes. This additional touch is included in my rates.

Pertaining to your texts already written or translated into French, I take care of their syntax and typography, whether it is a question of rewriting them, correcting them in depth or gently, or proofreading a final page proof.

Do your texts know that about half of their readership is feminine? With years of experience in inclusive language, I use it casually and in accordance with your corporate identity or in this order: epicene, doublet, mid-point.

A rich language can live without Anglicism. The proof can be found in my French lexicon. Didn’t find what you were looking for? Try Le Grand dictionnaire terminologique, which is the first reference on the subject or, send me your Anglicism and I will come back to you with a free-of-charge French proposal.